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Building Signage and Directory

Please refer to your lease for signage details specific to your occupancy. We ask that the Tenant Contact provide the Office of the Building with all the proper spelling(s) for their company.


On multi-tenant floors, each Tenant is provided with Building standard identity graphics on the template located within the elevator vestibule for their respective floor(s). The cost of the initial identity signage shall be at the Landlord’s expense with subsequent changes to be the responsibility of the Tenant.


Tenant signage on multi-tenant floors and Building common areas must meet with the following guidelines:

  1. There can be no additional illumination beyond the general lighting provided and in place.
  2. All graphics are subject to Landlord’s prior written approval. Any signage without Landlord approval is subject to removal at the sole cost of the installing entity.
  3. No signage is to be taped, stapled, tacked, or adhered to walls without the express written approval of the Office of the Building. Any Tenant customer requiring common area signage must make appropriate arrangements through the Office of the Building.
  4. No announcements or notices should be posted without advance approval by the Office of the Building.
  5. All signage shall be professionally installed.