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Building Access


Two Liberty Place maintains a card reader access control system paired with Main Lobby security turnstiles in an effort to limit unauthorized access to tenant spaces. HID proximity access cards programmed by the Building are required to clear the Main Lobby turnstiles and enter the ground floor elevator vestibules. The Office of the Building will provide an initial allotment of Building access cards to the Tenant Contact for distribution to each of that tenant’s employees. Lost or damaged cards are replaced at cost. Cards are tied to individual tenant employees, so changes in staff should be communicated to the Office of the Building and the corresponding Building access cards returned for de-programming. If there are any questions regarding the system, please contact the Office of the Building at (215) 568-4055.


Normal hours at the Building are 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Below are sign-in procedures to ensure efficient processing of visitors and guests:

  1. Lobby Reception Desk - All visitors and guests will need to show valid identification to the security officer on duty at the Lobby Reception Desk. Those visitors who are pre-registered by a Tenant Contact - by means of on-line registration or advance delivery of a guest list to the Security Reception Desk - will be issued a temporary access card, cleared through the security turnstiles and directed to proceed to the appropriate office floor. A visitor not pre-registered will be asked to remain at the Reception Desk while the security officer confirms that person’s arrival with the applicable Tenant Contact or tenant host. Only following such confirmation will the officer print an access card for the individual and clear them through the security turnstiles. Tenant occupants that misplace their access cards will need to present ID at the Reception Desk. The security officer on duty will cross-check their name and company in the building security computer registry to confirm access clearance.
  2. Freight Area Security Desk - All couriers and contractors will sign-in, show valid identification and be given a temporary visitor pass. The security officer will then call the tenant/general contractor to announce their arrival and confirm access clearance.
  3. Security Supervisor - Two Liberty Place employs two security supervisors. These individuals direct the above procedures and will assist in any way possible to ensure prompt and efficient processing of visitors, couriers, and contractors.